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Digital Subscription for Institutions

How does it work?


1. Register

Simply register by visiting

You will need two eamils addresses.

a) Account manager
Register with an email address for managing account.
To access invoice, make payment, to check and update payment details, etc (e.g.

b) Students/Users Access
You will also need another email address that will be used by all users/students.
Students/Users access will be limited for reading the articles only. (e.g.


2. Choose Subscription Plan

Once registered please select your subscription plan by visiting

Select your plan, follow online process to complete the purchase.

Delivery: If you subscribe for digital only, please provide an eamil for Students/Users, see notes above.



3. Manage Your Account

Login button is on top right of the website and you can visit from this link

You can then check your subscription order, check Subscription details and manage account from the menu on left of the screen.


4. Students/Users Account

Students have same Login button on top right of the website, but, their access is limited, to read only, as mentioned above in Notes.


5. Setting Up Institute User.

ONCE THE PURCHASE IS COMPLETE kindly email us on: with Subscription Number and AN EMAIL ADDRESS for students/users account. Once we receive confirmation of students/users EAMIL ADDRESS we will setup account!