A Guide to Parenting in Islam

A Guide to Parenting in Islam

Family and Society

A Guide to Parenting in Islam
Cherishing Childhood

Author(s): Muhammad Abdul Bari

Reviewed by: Karim Kocsenda, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Muhammad Abdul Bari, PhD, PGCE, the founder of Amana Parenting and a married father of four is eminently qualified to write this slim volume. Not to be fooled by size, this comprehensive book is an indispensable point of departure for parents seeking to learn about the ‘how-to’s’ of Islamic, ethical and engaged parenting. The book begins with the Islamic ethos for parenting, and the philosophy of parenting as a Divine trust from Allah. This is a very important foundational principle upon which the matter really rests, and serves as the theme for the rest of the book. Chapter two deals with nurturing and creating the right home environment – both spiritual and material – into which the child will be accepted. Chapters three and four cover infancy, pre-school years, and primary school years respectively. The advice contained herein is very relevant, contemporary, and eminently balanced. One feels throughout that the advice on offer is effective, easy to follow, and given in a tone of friendly, warm-hearted reminder. Chapter five, which is about the home environment, teaches us active parenting: it contains many useful reminders for parents to be attentive and aware in this age of distraction. Issues like culture and preservation of our mother tongue is also touched upon with advice that is sensitive and open-minded. Moreover, the author does not skip central advice...

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