A Primer in Ecotheology

A Primer in Ecotheology

Islam and the West

A Primer in Ecotheology
Theology for a Fragile Earth

Author(s): Celia Deane-Drummond

Reviewed by: Harfiyah Haleem, London, UK



After leaving Chester University, UK, in 2011, Theology Professor Celia DeaneDrummond now teaches at the University of Notre Dame in the USA and this is a textbook intended for Christian and other students. This little book that covers so much ground is formatted to include boxes with information, often quotations, and each chapter ends with some questions for students to think/write about. It has an Appendix on Christian Environmental Activism, listing prominent websites, a glossary of keywords, a bibliography, general index and a scripture index, listing references to key passages in the books of the Bible. Its seven chapters are on Ecotheology, Ecological Biblical Hermeneutics, New Ecotheologies of Liberation, Pope Francis: Icon of the Anthropocene; Deep Incarnation: Christ in Ecological Perspective; An Anthropology for the Earth; Christian Ecological Ethics, and a postscript on Gaining Ecological Wisdom.

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