After Orientalism

After Orientalism

Islam and Orientalism

After Orientalism
Critical Perspectives on Western Agency and Eastern Re-Appropriations

Author(s): Francois Pouillon & Jean-Claude Vatin

Reviewed by: Abdur Raheem Kidwai



This collection of nineteen essays by scholars from different parts of the world, goes far beyond discussing the concomitants and ramifications of Edward Said’s seminal work, Orientalism (1978). It is not restricted to identifying Orientalism as a Western enterprise of knowledge production, labelling and hegemony, at the expense of the Orient. Rather, it affords readers an opportunity to grasp some significant peripheries of Orientalism. The following titles of the four parts of this volume throw more light on its tenor: i) Alternative Historiographies of Orientalism, ii) Other Imperialisms iii) Recovering Non-Indigenous Heritages and iv) Inventing Orientalist Traditions. One of the aims of this study is to examine the impact of Orientalism on Oriental societies and the resultant self-representation.

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