Angry White People

Angry White People

Islam and the West

Angry White People
Coming Face-to-Face with the British Far Right

Author(s): Hsaio-Hung Pai

Reviewed by: Ruqaiyah Hibell



While the literary market is flooded with books on every aspect of Islam and its assumed connectivity to radicalisation and terrorism, relatively little work is produced on the continued phenomenon of the radical far-right in Britain that fills the minds of sympathisers with an anti-Islamic, hate-filled, pernicious and fearful ideology. This ideology is modelled on fascistic ideals, coupled with an arrogant and egotistical sense of English superiority, inculcated from the historical legacy of colonialism, imperialism and nationalism, which brings pathos to the shabby position in the social hierarchy occupied by the majority of such group’s members. There are many questions regarding the generational reformulations of the far-right in Britain into a continual stream of small, short-lived and unsuccessful organisations that are not addressed by this book. Importantly, why the far-right in Britain has largely been denied the success it has enjoyed in other European states, such as France, Austria and the Netherlands, where publicly denigrating Muslims ensures relatively high levels of electoral success. Historically, this can be attributed to Britain’s political landscape − principally to the Conservative party...

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