From the First World War to the Arab Spring

From the First World War to the Arab Spring

Contemporary Muslim World

From the First World War to the Arab Spring
What's Really Going On in the Middle East?

Author(s): M. E. McMillan

Reviewed by: Anis Ahmad, Riphah International University, Pakistan



This remarkable book proves that a political historian can be objective, dispassionate, yet profoundly humane. The author’s analysis of two international pacts provides proper historical background to the contemporary crisis in the Muslim World. This evidence-based work enlightens the readers on the role of British, French and Russian imperialism in subjugating Muslim countries in the name of democratization, modernization and civilizing. It unmasks the role of brutal colonization and fragmentation of an otherwise peaceful region. It is an incredible contribution to the understanding of the contemporary crisis in the Middle East and the Muslim world. Written like a story, each chapter touches on serious issues, with an in depth understanding of the background information on three major European imperialist powers, namely England, France and Russia. The book in a polite yet frank and truthful manner, calls a spade a spade. The author’s own cultural baggage does not influence her views on several bitter realities.....

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