Futurists in Classical Islam

Futurists in Classical Islam

Review Article

Futurists in Classical Islam
Contemporary Analysis of Classical Thinkers Through their Disciples

Author(s): Roy Jackson & L. W. C. van Lit & Ismail Lala

Reviewed by: Imran H Khan Suddahazai



MUSLIM AND SUPERMUSLIM: THE QUEST FOR THE PERFECT BEING AND BEYOND, by Roy Jackson. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. Pp. 208 ISBN: 9783030370923

THE WORLD OF IMAGE IN ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY: IBN SINA, SUHRAWARDI, SHAHRAZURI AND BEYOND, by L. W. C. van Lit. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017. Pp. 289. ISBN: 9781474415866 (webready PDF)

KNOWING GOD: IBN [ARABI AND [ABD AL-RAZZAQ AL-QASHANI’S METAPHYSICS OF THE DIVINE, by Ismail Lala. Leiden: Brill Publishing, 2019. Pp. 227. ISBN: 9789004400511.

The latest developments in the discourse on the development of the self through an Islamic lens can be encapsulated in the understanding that the reality we experience is characterised by a sophisticated process of mediation. This mediation is facilitated by our corporal actuality and all the factors that entail the notion of environment such as the socio-political and physical phenomena interacting and engaging us through conscious or subconscious processes. This understanding has been developed through a hermeneutical lens to obtain contemporary appreciation of notions and ideals conceived in the Islamic classical era. It is within this framework that the books under review provide a contribution to, and further direction in, the responses to developments in the world.

Roy Jackson’s contribution presents a novel approach in Muslim scholarship, which is addressing the imminent, the application of the Islamic to the emergent or futuristic. Secular transhumanists claim that Islam has nothing to contribute to the debate on transhumanism. This essentially determines the basis for the subsequent texts by van Lit and Ismail Lala, which demonstrate

the development of philosophical ideals conceived, developed and furthered by men of great intellectual stature that can be described as transhumanist.

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