Halal Food

Halal Food

Islamic Thought and Sources

Halal Food
A History

Author(s): Febe Armanios & Boğaç Ergene

Reviewed by: Abdullah Drury, University of Waikato, New Zealand



This tome is an excellent and welcome addition to any bookshelf. It is densely packed and offers readers a myriad of cases, contexts and discussions, while being equally rich in its theoretical arsenal and framework. Yet, it remains highly accessible. The text is positively protuberant with interesting details and must be considered a notable achievement: authentic history written in a manner that can be widely understood by the general public and will equally serve as a useful tool for academic readers. The book is composed of ten chapters bookended by an excellent Introduction and Conclusion. The text does not follow a strictly chronological approach and leans towards a thematic lens, addressing topics such as diverse as rules, meat, intoxicants, business and cuisine. It differs from previous scholarship firstly by providing a broad geographic locus to include both traditional Muslim societies and the disapora communities resident in Western nations, and secondly by attempting to connect ‘halal’s historical formulations with later developments and trajectories’ (p. 5). And in this it succeeds well.

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