Islam and the Business MindSet

Islam and the Business MindSet

Islamic Thought and Sources

Islam and the Business MindSet
Motivational Tips for Business Owners

Author(s): Ilyas Salim

Reviewed by: Imran Mogra



Reviewed by: Imran Mogra, Birmingham, UK

Published by: London: Taha Publishers Ltd, 2019, 62pp. ISBN: 978-1842001646.

The author, Ilyas Salim, enjoyed a successful career in business, healthcare and education sectors. He specializes in Islamic sciences and business and has managed many companies. He has also received many awards in his respective fields and is regarded as one of the top entrepreneurs in the north of England. In the book under review, he shares his ideas with the public.

The author believes that the priority in any business should be to provide service rather than make money and his core principle is to run businesses on an ethical basis. The book consists of seven short and simply-written chapters with a conclusion. It contains material from Ḥadīth literature, the Qur’ān and other sources on the web. The author claims that the lack of literature on entrepreneurship specifically aimed at Muslims, which is easy to read and put into practice, as a reason for writing this book. Often, he maintains that reading nowadays is often limited to smart phones and Facebook posts with few people reading large and detailed books. Based on this observation and his personal enjoyment of reading small and straightforward books wherefrom actions can be taken from bullet points, he wrote this book to fill the gap. The aim is to motivate young entrepreneurs and business owners.

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