Islamic Psychology

Islamic Psychology

Sufism, Theology and Psychology

Islamic Psychology
The Basics

Author(s): G. Hussein Rassool

Reviewed by: Hanan Basher



Reviewed by: Hanan Basher, Cardiff University, UK

Published by – London: Routledge, 2023, 252 pp. ISBN: 978-1032321240.

The book under review is part of ‘The Basics’ guidebook series by Routledge which is intended for students approaching a subject for the first time. This is effectively accomplished by the book, which introduces the essentials of Islamic Psychology and offers recommendations for additional reading to help readers expand their understanding. The book consists of nine chapters, the first of which establishes monotheism as the foundation of Islamic psychology before outlining Islamic psychology and its application to therapy. After a chapter on the fiṭrah, which is referred to as the innate human disposition, two chapters are devoted to the inner world of human beings. The other chapters deal with Islamic healing and research methodology in Islamic Psychology.

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