'We Love Death as You Love Life

'We Love Death as You Love Life

Islam and the West

'We Love Death as You Love Life
Britain's Suburban Terrorists

Author(s): Raffaello Pantucci

Reviewed by: Ruqaiyah Hibell



In any state the character and behaviour of individuals reflect different elements of their society’s inherent nature, composition and structure, making people a product of the society they belong to. The book under discussion describes a range of people from a variety of backgrounds, linked together by their varying degrees of distrust and disillusionment with British society, and outlines their adoption of distorted political representations of Islam. The narrative seeks to uncover who these subjects are, the nature of their subterfuge, and considers their allegiances via detailing associates or affiliated organisations. The author notes how the path to violent action has unfolded, exposing a range of possible intentions underpinning the pursuit of disturbing responses to address political issues and tactical ambitions.

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