• Current Issue | Volume 44 | Issue 1 | Autumn 2023

    Review Essay

    Islam Unbound: Contextualising Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Treasures

    Reviewed by: Cleo Cantone, London, UK

    Books Reviewed:
    • ISLAM THROUGH OBJECTS, edited by Anna Bigelow. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021, 245pp (excluding images at rear). ISBN: 9781350138308.
    • THE MUSLIMS OF LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN, by Ken Chitwood. London: Lynne Rienner, 2021, 285pp. ISBN: 9781626379480.
    • ISLAMETAL - PRÉCIEUSES MATIÈRES. LES ARTS DU MÉTAL DANS LE MONDE IRANIEN MÉDIÉVAL, edited by Annabelle Collinet and David Bourgarit. Paris: Coédition musée du Louvre éditions/Faton, 336 pp., 250 ill., 2022. ISBN: 9782878442991.
    • THE MUSEUM OF ISLAMIC ART – THE COLLECTION, edited by Julia Gonnella. London: Thames & Hudson, Qatar Museums, 2022, 592pp. ISBN:9780500480847.