• Current Issue | Volume 40 | Issue 4 | Summer 2020

    Review Article

    The image and the orient buying into the orientalist trade (Part 1)

    Reviewed by: Cleo Cantone, London, UK

    Books Reviewed:
    • INSPIRED BY THE EAST: HOW THE ISLAMIC WORLD INFLUENCED WESTERN ART, edited by William Greenwood and Lucien de Guise. London: British Museum, 2019. Pp. 256. ISBN: 9780714111933.
    • THE IMAGE DEBATE: FIGURAL REPRESENTATION IN ISLAM AND ACROSS THE WORLD, edited by Christiane Gruber. London: Ginko, 2019. Pp. 240. ISBN: 9781909942349.
    • ORIENTALIST LIVES: WESTERN ARTISTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST 1830–1920, by James Parry. Cairo & New York: The American University in Cairo Press, 2018. Pp. 294. ISBN: 9789774168352.