Age of Jihad

Age of Jihad

Short Reviews

Age of Jihad
Islamic Stateandthe Great Warforthe Middle East

Author(s): Patrick Cockburn

Reviewed by: Ruqaiyah Hibell



In an age increasingly susceptible to ‘fake news,’ Patrick Cockburn is synonymous with a voice of sincerity and integrity. A rare breed of journalist offering incisive, informative and engaging analysis of complex conflicts as they unfold. He never fails to offer a gripping edifying rendition of events, which challenges the perfunctory newsfeeds that pass for contemporary journalism. Cockburn charts the embryonic rise of ISIS from its early insurrection in Iraq, as it subsequently spilt over into Syria and its ideas achieved global reach – permeating way beyond its physical range, intoxicating the bedrooms and computer systems of solitary western teenagers – and inflaming the parched heartlands of Arab and sub-Saharan states.

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